About FOGS


Friends of Giant Steps (FOGS) is a nonprofit charitable organization that supports GIANT Steps Autism Preschool. Most of the members of FOGS are current or past parents. We work closely with GIANT Steps to help support the staff and teachers in the needs that they have.

We hold fundraisers for GIANT Steps, have a teacher appreciation event once a year, and have a support group for the parents of the children in GIANT Steps. The funds raised for GIANT Steps go toward activities such as the following:

  • In-Home Program – Provides a limited GIANT Steps program for children who are on the waiting list and unable to be a part of the regular GIANT Steps classroom.
  • Daddies Day activities – allows dads to share in the GIANT Steps experience with their child. Helps increase social skills and behavior management skills in a natural environment
  • Date Night for Parents – allows parents to have some respite care to assist them in building their relationships and assist in maintaining a stable home environment
  • Field Trips – increases receptive and expressive language, social skills, transitions, and decreases maladaptive behaviors
  • Kindermusik Program – increases receptive and expressive language, group attending skills, and social skills
  • Teacher Appreciation – provides a series of events that allow the parents to express appreciation to the teachers and staff of GIANT Steps
  • Graduation Activities – allows families and staff a chance for closure when the student has completed the GIANT Steps program.